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The Cobb County Bail Bonds Process

Trying to find a Cobb County bondsman who actually answers the phone and treats you with professionalism is very difficult at times. You just had a friend or loved one arrested and the last thing you need is for someone to speak down to you or refuse to explain how bail bonds in Cobb work. Feel free to give us a call and we’ll explain the bonding process to you, but we’ve outlined the procedure below to make it easier.

Before Calling a Cobb County Bondsman...

When you get a phone call from an inmate at Cobb County Adult Detention, it is very important that you remain calm and get all of the information before calling a Cobb County bail bonds agent.

Here are four important things you should remember to ask when the inmate calls you.

  • Get the inmate’s booking number.
  • Get the exact name of the jail in which they are incarcerated.
  • Get the bail amount and the number of pending charges.
  • Ask if they have any holds from other jails and if they will be transferred.

If bail hasn’t been determined at that point, then a bondsman cannot help them get released from jail. In Cobb County, bail bonds cannot be written until a bail amount has been set. In some cases, this takes place after the defendant has been fully booked into the system – which could take several hours. In some cases, they will have to go in front of a judge and bail will either be denied or an amount will be set at that point. Feel free to call our Cobb County bondsman located here before that point though if you have any questions regarding the process. They will keep up on the status of the defendant in jail so you don’t have to worry about it. Most bondsmen will call you right after bail has been set and the inmate is ready to get bonded out.

The Cobb County Adult Detention Center

The Adult Detention facility is operated by the Cobb County Sheriff’s Office. If your friend or loved one was arrested in the vicinity of Cobb County, then they were most likely brought here for booking. The jail staff won’t give you any information over the phone regarding the inmate’s arrest, but they will direct you to their website with a list of all the inmates currently incarcerated and their charges and bond amounts. In Cobb County, bail bonds won’t get a person released from jail until they have been fully booked in to the system. Their booking and release practices are very slow and it may take several hours to get an inmate fully booked in. This means that you’ll have to wait quite a while before you even know the person’s bail amount. This will give you some time to think about if you should move forward with a Cobb County bail bond or not. If you do decide to go ahead with the bonding process, read the below sections for more information on the Adult Detention facility and their policies.

Booking Process at the Cobb County Jail

After the defendant gets arrested and transported to Cobb County Adult Detention, the arresting officer will give the booking officer the pertinent information regarding the arrest. This includes the case number, time of the arrest, pending criminal charges, height, weight, hair color, eye color, and a brief report of the incident. The jailer will then gather the medical history of the defendant through a series of questions which will also help the jail staff understand the current state of the individual and if they are on any controlled substances, either legal or illegal, at the present time. Once the initial information has been gathered, they will be escorted to a common room in which all inmates sit and wait to be ‘fully’ booked in. This includes fingerprinting, taking pictures (mugshots), and legal documentation of their incarceration. Depending on if the inmate plans on making bail/posting bond, they may or may not be required to change into the orange jumpsuit that is standard issue for all inmates.

Cobb County's Jail Release Process

For simple misdemeanor crimes, Cobb County’s jail release process if very straightforward. The bail schedule allows the jail to cross reference the standard amount for cash bail and the inmate can use this information to contact a bondsman or have a friend or relative do it for them. The latter is more likely considering the movement of funds between an inmate and a bondsman is extremely limited. Friends and family members are more able to go to the bank, cash a check, sign the bail bond, etc. The person has three options once they find out their bail amount. They can wait in jail for a bail hearing to get a reduction. They can have a friend or family member come to the jail and post the full amount of bail. They can also find an agency that is licensed to write Cobb County bail bonds.

For general inquiries about policies and operations, they can be reached directly at the following:

Cobb County Adult Detention

1825 County Services Pkwy, Marietta, GA 30008

(770) 499-4200

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